Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Birth Annoucement Towels

I came across these lovely embroidered baby blankets on my Pinterest board with details of the new born baby embroidered in a corner. Inspired by these ideas, I decided to try them out on a towel for a friend who had a new arrival in the family.

The biggest time consuming challenge was designing the entire logo on the machine, I know I could have done it much more quickly if I owned the software to create projects on my computer and then simply transferring them to the sewing machine. Maybe in the future, if I find myself being limited, I will consider buying it. For now, it was time to explore the limits of my machine and my imagination and spending money when really needed.

After a free Craftsy class that demonstrated the basics of embroidering on towels I was ready to go to try out my first project.

Here is picture of my first completed project that I made for a friend in Michigan. He was very happy to receive the gift in the mail, more so because he was not expecting it at all, I love being the cause of pleasant surprises (sometimes!).

Since then I have tried out different threads and placements of the details and added monograms on the entire set. These have been given out as gifts at baby showers for friends and colleagues at work.

Yet another set with variegated thread.

Usually at the baby shower, I tell the expectant friend about the gift to arrive when I have the details. I need to come up with a card that says this in a better way, with a link to this blog post (haha!).

One of my friends, loved them so much and requested that I make one for her with details of her daughter. You can tell based on the metric system that she does not live in the US:-) 

I love how the other towels in the set are color co-ordinated with the rainbow thread. This is one of my favourite color combinations. I have received all sorts of excited words of appreciation from the recipients. Some of them said that they would  not use them for drying but frame them instead!

I think I should try these on baby blankets, it might be a better gift than towels, something that the kid could use for longer perhaps.

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