Monday, March 16, 2015

My first prize!

My first prize in the world of quilting arrived today in the mail and I wish I could express my excitement in opening the box!!

I am the winner of the great LP&Q office de-stash! I have to mention that I was very skeptical when filling out many of the giveaway entries and when I received an email from Alice, from Love Patchwork & Quilting last week, at first I thought it might be spam. I am glad I replied to her email. Well, I did check her name and credentials in the signature line on the internet, just to be sure before passing out personally identifiable information! My brother was still very doubtful, said it might still be a hoax. Men are so difficult to convince.

The box was like a bottomless gift! The picture does not do enough justice to the amount and quality of  the variety of gifts in the box. Being a newbie in the world of quilting this giveaway is very much appreciated. I longed to have a fabric stash of my own - now I have so many bundles and fat quarters and an assortment of many yards of fabric that I can start off some of my projects from my list of "must do quilts". Some of the other essentials that I meant to buy and fulfilled in this box are the fabulous labels, fabric markers, quilting pins,binding pins, block pattern book by Amy Butler, and stencils for free motion quilting. The applique patterns, the patterns for various blocks, and embroidery patterns are something that I had intended to explore in the future; and glad to see in the box. The best of all, at the bottom of the box there were panels to make my very own fabric organizer. I will post a picture of the assembled organizer with my stash in a future post.

My super big prize
I am truly very happy to have won this giveaway - the timing is simply perfect for my quilting journey. Thank you Amy and LPQ for sending this out to me and thanks to the quilting community for such a warm welcome. You can count on seeing a lot of projects on this blog.

If you do feel like commenting, I would love to hear if you ever win a giveaway? 

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